She didn’t know the truth then. All that truth that we learn in higher schools, results of our constant search and wondering. Vision that came from laboratories and scientific experiments.

Perhaps she apprehended the higher truth instinctively. With the innocent eyes of a girl. She is sitting on the floor, painting, coloring. She does not know why she is doing it, she just enjoys it.

Garden at the end of the road. Iron gates guarding the entrance. Through them she can see it all. Flowers, grass, soil. Beam strayed from the sun lighten them up, bestowing their life. She feels them intertwined, with bounded ruts, haulms. They are becoming one in reflection of their colors. Their differences are glowing together in the final and true unity. Energy of invisible, creative world, that shines projected in the garden so clearly.

She enters the gates, gets inside the garden, then she touches the beam, caress the flowers.

Abyss is dominating her grown up life. It is always hungry, never fulfilled; attracting her energy with power of a Black Hole. She wants to bury it, to become free. To finally spit it out, to show all that beauty that’s tearing her apart. Too much beauty is a heavy burden to carry.

Morning awakens. People react on its magic, even if they are still asleep, even if they are still dreaming. Beam on the window. Same, just a touch older. Sun doesn’t care about the aging, years for her are just short moments of eternity. This time it came to wake up one particular girl.

by Berislav Loncarevic

Aleksandra Denic 

Was born in Belgrade 1983. From a young age she was always creating and coloring. For a while she was a TV presenter, TV reality show producer, Creative Director for the Award Winning development projects (2008-2015) and even studied dentistry, but neither of those professions are igniting a fire within her like art.
She decided to travel to Bali 2003 for a vacation and never left. Her real art began in Bali, where she felt inspired by the openness of the people and the natural environment of the island.

Aleksandra started her private studies with Indonesian maestros Teguh Wahyudi, Pranoto, Bambang Wiwohoo and Australian Shane Sweeney in 2004. After the first exhibition she received scholarship from Indonesian government, where she received her fine art diploma from Indonesian Institute of the Arts in 2007.


– Oracle Gallery, group exhibition – Bali, Indonesia 2008

– Kuta Galleria, group exhibition – Bali Indonesia 2008

– Art center – Bali, Indonesia 2007

– International Art Festival – Bali, Indonesia 2007

– International Photo Exhibition – Indonesian Institute of the Arts – Bali, Indonesia 2007

 – Franklin Lee Gallery, group exhibition – Bali, Indonesia 2006

– Franklin Lee Gallery – Bali, Indonesia 2006